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Our GMP certified laboratory analyses our CBD products and produces a detailed report of the components - This is the highest standard for the pharmaceutical and food industry. This is called a CoA - Certificate of Analysis.
We unconditionally guarantee that our CBD products are 100% organic, non-GMO and free of synthetics. We test all our products thoroughly to ensure that we deliver a consistent high quality CBD solution to our customers, providing the following information for all batches; Cannabinoids profile, Terpenoids profile, Microbial profile, Heavy metals profile and Pesticide analysis (over 300 tested).

Why choose PHYTO+ CBD?

  • Organic Certification (From soil to bottle)

  • GMP label (Good manufacturing practices, from soil to bottle, Guaranteed percentages/ milligrams)

  • GAP label (Good agriculture practices, Jan 2017)

  • Super Critical fluid CO2 extraction (the purest, cleanest and most expensive method to extract cannabinoids)

  • Only cannabinoids are extracted in our laboratory.

  • Derived from Scandinavian hemp, grown in the cleanest areas of the world.

  • Tested for 300+ pesticides, mycotoxins and heavy metals.

Affiliate Partners

So we can bring you an unrivaled selection of CBD products, we have partnered with the following leading international brands to offer a vast range of solutions from edibles to sprays, capsules to creams and many more, with the latest offers applied directly to your cart on checkout.

You can be sure to find the CBD solutions to suit you and your family's needs and we have even teamed up with dedicated pet suppliers, so you can look after your furry friends as well.

Follow the links below to browse our partner pages and order directly online now. All of our partners have been independently reviewed and also by us, so you can be certain they are brands you can trust.